Downtown Hudson, Ohio
Across from the Clock Tower
164 North Main St.

A History as Rich as Our Coffee

We are a downtown Hudson, Fair Trade Coffee Shop that prides itself with delicious premium coffees, espressos, home-baked goods, smoothies and more. We are centrally located in the historic Saywell’s building, former home for over 90 years, to the much loved Saywell’s Drugstore. We have honored the Saywell legacy by refurbishing and re-using several key pieces of furniture from those days, including the much talked about solid marble Soda Grille bar counter. At the Open Door you will quickly feel our welcoming ambiance which combines history, and the arts with modern eclectic comfort. With roomy tables and chairs and cozy leather couches and original art hanging on richly painted walls, we have created an atmosphere that appeals to visitors and residents of all ages. Brewed with care… Served with pride… Delicious … we promise!

Premium Beans: Smooth beans without jagged edges that burn in the roasting process

Fresh Roasted: The optimal shelf life of roasted beans is 2 weeks

Air Sealed: Coffee beans should not be exposed to air until they are ready to be consumed

Brewed with Care: Brewing with care starts from the coffee grinder, the grind size and the right equipment

Did You Know...

• Roasted coffee has an optimal shelf life of two weeks and should not be exposed to air. Typical grocery store coffee is 90 days to 2 years from its roasted on date.

• While coffee beans out on the counter or in bins look amazing, coffee freshness and flavor is significantly impacted by its exposure to oxygen causing, deterioration to the bean.

• Espresso drinks which include lattes and cappuccino are made from the same beans as our traditional fresh brewed coffee. The difference is in the fineness of the grind and the bars of pressure used to pull the shot.